Kids’ Cajons

These Cajons are for Kids!

DSCF1336aCajons (box drums) are great instruments for kids to learn percussion. Originally made in South America and Cuba, cajons come in two basic styles. The cajons I make for kids are the South American variety with a built-in fixed snare that resonates perfectly.  The cajons are made from high-quality Russian birch with thin plywood backs and fronts that have that authentic South-American sound. All the corners are rounded and the paint is an acrylic latex. Cajons come in five colours at the moment, deep red (at left),plus blazing yellow, a gentle blue, deep purple and glorious pink. Cajons are $60.00 each and while I build them in Carbonear they can be delivered to St. John’s when my schedule fits, otherwise you can pick them up.

Kid’s cajons are kid-sized with dimensions of about 10 x 10 x 15 inches and have cork-bottomed feet to minimize sound transfer to flooring. While small they can still produce an awesome sound that kids will go nuts over! Production time is about two weeks.

You can call me, Joel Matthews, at 596-0831 in Carbonear or email (copy&paste please) :


Here are the five colours of kids’ cajons

5 cajons cropped

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